Meet Paul & Desiree

Paul & Desiree Osborne are a dynamic husband and wife team that bring their faith into all they do!  They wanted to create a platform to encourage as many people as possible and share their journey and services with the world.  You can simply enjoy their show “Des and Paul Y’all”, check out their favorite things, enjoy their music or hire them to help with your content creation. 

They do everything together and when you hire them you get two quality professionals working on your project for the price of one.   

They have brought social media pages back to life and designed multiple websites.  They also compose top notch graphic designs and even constructed a multi page mega flyer for an advertising company.  It doesn’t stop there! 

They have produced numerous videos for businesses and even music videos for their artists. Hundreds of songs have been assembled for artists, radio DJ’s, record companies and more. 

God gave them both the gift of creativity! Combined they are an innovative force to be reckoned with.  

Paul & Desiree’s favorite things to do are laugh, pray for others and drink delicious coffee! They currently live in Michigan.

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